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The Copper and Brass Supply Chain Association (CBSCA) would like to thank the following member companies for their support of the CBSCA Annual Scholarship:

  • ABC Metals, Inc.

  • Alro Steel Corporation

  • AmeriPlate, Inc.

  • Bearing Bronze Limited

  • Cambridge-Lee Industries, LLC

  • Central Steel & Wire Co.

  • Chase Brass and Copper Company, LL

  • Chicago Extruded Metals Company

  • Christy Metals, Inc.

  • CMC Cometals, A Division of Commercial Metals Company

  • Concast Metal Products Co.

  • Duenner Supply Co.

  • E. Jordan Brookes Co., Inc.

  • Farmer’s Copper Ltd.

  • Hussey Copper

  • IBC Advanced Alloys, Nonferrous Products Division

  • Industrial Metal Supply

  • KME America Inc. (KME)

  • Lewis Brass & Copper Co., Inc.

  • McMurray Metals Co.

  • Mueller Brass Company

  • National Bronze Manufacturing Company

  • Olin Brass

  • PMX Industries, Inc.

  • Revere Copper Products, Inc.

  • Sequoia Brass & Copper

  • Southern Copper & Supply Co., Inc

  • The Miller Company

  • Univertical Corporation

  • Wieland Metals, Inc.

  • Williams Metals & Welding Alloys, Inc.

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