Persuasion Essentials
Persuasion Basics
This video course is meant to teach learners how to be persuasive in any context with easy-to-use social and conversational techniques. It comprises four video lessons that explain topics ranging from a fundamental understanding of persuasion to ways of framing information rooted in psychology. Contrary to what you may think, being persuasive doesn’t mean being manipulative. Rather, it involves candor, flexibility, and the ability to present information effectively. After watching this course, learners will know ways to demonstrate how they can add value to others and persuade them in a productive manner.

The Art of Presentational Speaking: Content
This video course, "The Art of Presentational Speaking: Content," comprises seven video lessons and is meant to help learners prepare the content of their presentation. Throughout this course, viewers will consider key questions to answer about their presentation before getting started. They’ll also learn how to conduct research and identify credible sources, as well as leverage the three elements of persuasion. Finally, viewers will learn how to effectively organize and structure their content and grip their audience with a strong opening and closing for their presentation. Ultimately, learners should realize that anyone can be a great presenter if they learn the right skills!

Selling at a Distance: Prospecting by Phone
Some people think that cold calling can be intimating, exhausting, or out of date. In this video course, you will learn different strategic guidelines and tips to becoming effective at prospecting by phone. Cold calling is very much ALIVE -- what’s dead is the old "it's a numbers game" mindset and simply bothering prospects until they something. In this video course, you will learn how to make a difference with your cold calling approach, tips on how to leave an effective voicemail/email, and steps to reach your desired prospect and capitalized on crucial opportunities.
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