Business Basics
Business Etiquette
This video course is meant to teach you how to interact with others in a professional manner in the business world. The nine video lessons in this series cover topics like respecting personal space at the office, using social media, and having proper meeting etiquette. After viewing these lessons, the viewer will understand the basics of business etiquette and know how to introduce coworkers correctly, post online professionally, and use video chat effectively.

Coordinating With Others
This series of video lessons is meant to prepare each learner to coordinate with others effectively and fairly. This course comprises four video lessons and first provides some habits of bad coordinators before diving into the best qualities and methods of coordinating others. The viewer will also learn the proper way to prepare for coordinating a project and how to exert control through various methods. By the end of this series, each viewer will be fully versed in what it takes to exert control in different kinds of projects as an effective coordinator.
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