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Date: June 18, 2019
Contact: Courtney Karr, Director of Marketing and Education, + 913.396.0697


CBSA Announces 2019 Scholarship Recipients

Overland Park, KS - The Copper and Brass Servicenter Association (CBSA) is pleased to announce that 17 recipients have been awarded a 2019 CBSA Scholarship through the CBSA Educational Foundation. Annual CBSA Scholarships are awarded based on a student's academic achievement, extracurricular activities and financial need. CBSA member company employees, children of member company employees and students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program for industrial distribution are eligible to apply.

The following students have been awarded a 2019 CBSA Scholarship:

• Alexandra Allers, daughter of Corwin Allers, an employee of Mueller Brass Company
• Irma Avdic, daughter of Mirza Avdic, an employee of Olin Brass
• Taylor Beard, daughter of James Beard, an employee of Materion Corporation
• Trinity Duran, daughter of Mark Duran, an employee of Admiral Metals Inc.
• Hayden Haas, son of Richard Haas, an employee of Chase Brass and Copper Company
• Holly Kailher, daughter of Suzana Brillon, an employee of Materion Corporation and recipient of the Frank Brown Scholarship
• Gretta Kissell, daughter of Eric Kissell, an employee of Materion Corporation
• Lezel Legados, daughter of Limuel Legados, an employee of Sequoia Brass & Copper
• Matthew Lee, an employee of Christy Metals Inc.
• Thomas Lionetti, son of Matthew Lionetti, an employee of Traxys North America LLC
• Maheen Qureshi, daughter of Kashif Rizwan Quresh, an employee of Revere Copper Products
• Laila Ruffin, daughter of Kelton Ruffin, an employee of Aurubis Buffalo Inc.
• Brooke Ruhoff, daughter of Inger Ruhoff, an employee of Greenwood Fabricating & Plating LLC
• Emma Serros, daughter of Richard Serros, an employee of A. J. Oster LLC
• Marlena Trunzo, daughter of Paul Trunzo, an employee of Hussey Copper
• Meghan Turner, stepdaughter of Brannon Meagher, an employee of ABC Metals, Inc.
• Janis Vuskalns, son of Oskar Vuskalns, an employee of Alro Steel

Holly Kailher has been selected as the R. Franklin Brown Jr. Scholarship recipient for 2019, CBSA's top award for outstanding academic achievement and extracurricular activities. Holly will be a freshman in the fall at University of Rhode Island majoring in nursing. Her goal is to receive a bachelor's degree in nursing and continue on to graduate school to obtain her masters in nursing and eventually become a nurse practitioner. In high school, Holly carried a 4.0 GPA while participating in many extracurricular activities including soccer, lacrosse, student council, the National Honor Society and the Spanish Nationals Honor Society. Holly also volunteers with the Special Olympics and at the Sturdy Memorial Hospital while working part-time.

The R. Franklin Brown Jr. Scholarship honors R. Franklin Brown, Jr., who retired from CBSA in 2009 after 50 years at the helm of the Copper and Brass Servicenter Association as executive vice president. He joined the trade group in 1959 and was quickly promoted to the position of executive vice president. Upon Brown's retirement he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Copper and Brass Fabricators Council for his exemplary service to the industry.

Since 2009, the CBSA Educational Foundation, which funds the annual scholarship program, has awarded more than $238,000 to 194 deserving students. This year, 17 students were chosen from 36 applicants to receive a 2019 CBSA scholarship. To find out how you can support the CBSA Scholarship Program, please contact the CBSA Educational Foundation at +913.396.0697.

About the CBSA Educational Foundation

The CBSA Educational Foundation was established to develop and administer the annual scholarship program at the undergraduate school level to promote study in fields helpful to the copper and brass and/or industrial distribution industries. Through the CBSA Educational Foundation, CBSA offers annual scholarships to children of employees of CBSA's member companies and to students studying industrial distribution. This program benefits both deserving students and academic institutions while also helping to channel outstanding personnel into employment within the copper and brass industries.

The CBSA Scholarship Program:

1. Provides meaningful financial support for the education of worthy scholarship candidates.
2. Benefits the business community through better-educated people.
3. Exposes scholarship candidates to the ever-expanding industrial distribution industry.
4. Strengthens CBSA through a direct link to education today.

About CBSA
The Copper and Brass Servicenter Association is a community of copper and brass service centers, fabricators. mills and platers working together to promote the use and growth of opportunities for copper and brass mill products. For more than 60 years, CBSA has been the only trade association committed solely to advancing the copper and copper alloy mill products distribution industry. CBSA members include the leading service centers, mills and platers in the copper and copper alloy industry. The CBSA mission statement: To enhance its members' role as an effective and profitable distribution link between suppliers and customers and to promote the use of and growth opportunities for copper and brass mill products. This is achieved by offering education and training, providing information and promoting constructive dialogue between service center members, mills and platers servicing our industry.