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CBSA Annual Economic Forecast Webinar


Leading indicators, tariffs, construction activity, consumer trends, interest rates, housing, commodities and more are giving ample insight into the future. ITR Economics knows that the next two years will not be a repeat of the past. Growth this year and next will be challenging for some companies, requiring internal drivers rather than riding economic tailwinds. Understanding where each segment of the economy is positioned will help give insight to individuals and businesses in order to allow them to come out on top of their competitors.

This webinar from ITR Economics will discuss a spectrum of economic topics in addition to the sectors already mentioned above. The idea is not only to provide listeners with the proper economic information, but rather to provide them the economics tools in which they can utilize that will give them the upper hand in their everyday business and lives.

Presenter Bio

Catherine Putney specializes in applied research for business cycle trend analysis, growth-cycle trend analysis and implementing cyclical analysis at the practical, company level. She holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of New Hampshire.

Putney regularly contributes articles to ITR Economics’ flagship publication, the ITR Trends Report™, focusing on the manufacturing sector of the US economy. Putney and the ITR team have put this expertise to work for companies across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, chemicals, fibers, healthcare, distribution, real estate, construction and technology.