Interactive Sessions

The Red Metals Summit is all about engagement! During these information-packed days together, you will not be subject to “death by PowerPoint” or one “talking head” speaker after another. The program is designed for maximum interaction, which will take your networking to the next level. Expect Q&A-heavy panel discussions, facilitated round table exchanges and the opportunity for you to speak up on the hot topics that matter to you the most right now. This lively concept is designed for you to have an excellent return on investment. By being fully engaged, you should be able to leave with valuable takeaways that you can use in your businesses right away.

Industry Hot Topic discussions may include:

Supply Chain Disruptions

  • Lead Times
  • Trucking and logistics
  • Allocation
  • Foreign Receipts

Business/ Financial Operations

  • High copper/ commodity prices
  • Credit insurance
  • Hedging

Employment/ Labor

  • Difficulty in finding employees
  • The impact of COVID-19

Government Policies

  • Impact of Biden’s policies on infrastructure, taxes, environmental, etc.



Moving Forward with Confidence

Presented by Connor Lokar

Tuesday, September 28, 2021
9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

2021 is winding down as we prepare for the challenges and ongoing uncertainties in 2022. There are opportunities and risks ahead and we will explore them in terms of government responses, consumer trends, market opportunities, labor issues and production costs. We will also assess business responses to the projected changes in the economic landscape. These forces will shape the trends ahead and drive our tactics and strategies. We will also:

  • Assess business demand for the rest of 2021 and for 2022.
  • Look at a system of key leading indicators that are proven to signal cyclical turns in the economy and markets.
  • Present market outlooks and discuss issues that have an impact on your profitability via resource allocation, budgets, expectations, and strategic planning.
  • Present the unintended consequences of the massive stimulus programs and infrastructure spend that will impact businesses in the years ahead.
  • Present the unintended consequences of the massive stimulus programs that will impact businesses in the years ahead.
  • Assess interest rate and other financial market trends, including the latest information on stock market performance. 

About Connor Lokar
Connor has been working side-by-side with our President, Alan Beaulieu, at various events from large association meetings to smaller business settings. His dynamic approach to a speaking engagement has been enjoyed by thousands of business leaders as he provides a fresh look on how to make economic intelligence applicable and actionable.

Connor specializes in the Construction Industry as well as his work on our monthly publication, the ITR Trends Report. Connor’s ability to relate to the next generation of business leaders, while helping current C-Suite executives has allowed attendees to walk away with a better understanding of their employees and the ability to plan for the future with confidence.