CBSA Volunteers

CBSA is built on a system of volunteer actions, which link the association with the real world issues of its members. CBSA’s committees represent, involve and serve the membership and provide a great way for you to make your mark on the industry!


Volunteer positions are exclusive to CBSA members

Convention Committee

The Convention Committee serves an advisory group for the planning of the CBSA Annual Convention.  The committee provides guidance on the site selection process, the convention schedule, speaker selection and networking and social events. 

  • Rick Bacharach, Lewis Brass & Copper Co., Inc.
  • Martin Little, Concast Metal Products Co.
  • Joe Napolitan, Mueller Brass Company
  • Lance Shelton, Christy Metals, Inc. 

Education and Communications Committee

CBSA's Education and Communications Committee develops yearly educational metallurgy webinar series and conducts mill site visits in the fall to experience a real world hands-on training environment. The committee provides input into other CBSA educational offerings and contributes content to CBSA publications. The committee also supports communications with members and develops external communications through The committee serves in an advisory role on association marketing strategies and initiatives, such as the implementation of a social media strategy, website development and identification of content necessary to support marketing goals. Committee members review marketing messages and materials as needed. Term limits are set at the committee chairs discretion.

  • Jim Krygier, Committee Chair, Alro Steel Corporation
  • Debra Beevers, Committee Chair, Concast Metal Products Co.
  • Alistair Brixey, Bunting Bearings, LLC
  • Brent Farmer, Farmer's Copper Ltd.
  • Amy O’Shaughnessy, Revere Copper Products, Inc. 
  • Michael Russo, National Bronze Manufacturing Company 
  • Lance Shelton, Christy Metals, Inc. 

Membership Committee

The CBSA Membership Committee promotes the value of membership to prospective members. Members of the committee review applications and interview applicants, as well as oversee the renewal process. They also act as a first point of contact with new members, at the annual convention and with follow-up calls. Term limits are set at the committee chairs discretion.

  • Richard Farmer, Committee Chair, Farmer's Copper Ltd.
  • Rick Bacharach – Lewis Brass and Copper 
  • Wade Burnett, NSRW, Inc.
  • Daniel Erck, Cambridge-Lee Industries, Inc. 
  • Martin Little, Concast Metal Products Co.
  • Dean Mora, Concast Metal Products Co. 
  • Joe Napolitan, Mueller Brass Company 
  • Lance Shelton – Christy Metals

Scholarship Committee

CBSA's Scholarship Committee reviews scholarship applications and selects recipients for the CBSA Educational Foundation. Committee members actively engage in fundraising activities at the CBSA Annual Convention for the Foundation such as golf tournaments and other fundraising efforts.

  • David Goad, Committee Chair, Cambridge-Lee Industries, Inc
  • Rick Bacharach, Lewis Brass & Copper Co., Inc.
Scholarship Committee Application